All photos by Joe Powell

Lake Park’s North Point Lighthouse

Standing tall on a ravine overlooking our fair city, lake, and historic Lake Park (and the occasional semi-trailer) is the North Point Lighthouse; one of countless icons of MKE so often seen but rarely explored. For the whole history, rife with interesting characters, sunken ships, and poor city planning, you’ll need to stop in yourself. […]

Photo by Joe Powell

Milwaukee’s Hidden Kaszube’s Park

Milwaukee has many parks, and city residents often go to them to find respite from urban life and a bit of quiet, or to spend time near nature. While MKE’s smallest park offers none of those things, it comes with the history of an oft-overlooked portion and people of this city. But first you’ll have to find […]

Wedding Intermission

Friends, foes, curd-connoisseurs: Forgive me for the distinct lack of action at The Squeaky Curd for nearly a month. Blame it on a wedding followed by a honeymoon, my severe shortage of cash to pay actual writers to hold down the fort, and Rob’s laziness. I promise that Dan Kowalsky’s Pick Six will be back and […]

Dan Kowalsky's Pick Six

Dan Kowalsky’s Pick Six: Weeks 10 & 11

Chicago Bears 14 vs. Green Bay Packers 55 AND Philadelphia Eagles 20 vs. Green Bay Packers 53 After a two week hiatus, Pick Six is back following a bye week, and we have 108 points worth of victorious Packers football to discuss over the past two weeks. As Green Bay enters the stretch run heading […]

Dan Kowalsky's Pick Six

Dan Kowalsky’s Pick Six – Week 8 & Bye

Green Bay Packers 23 @ New Orleans Saints 44 After a brief hiatus and some time away from football, we’re back to take a look at Packers-Saints, the bye week, and the state of the Packers going forward. We’ll touch on a few points from last week’s game, but all in all the defensive re-watch of […]