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If you’re reading this article, or any other on The Squeaky Curd, odds are you have some sort of interest in Milwaukee. And while we’ve written before about our love for 88Nine RadioMilwaukee, their great Walker’s Point radio station tour, and their commitment to playing at least one Milwaukee band every hour, for most of us that’s simply not enough quality, locally-bred jams.

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Luckily for our cheese-head ear-holes, 88Nine has had their sights set on a Milwaukee-only radio station to complement their existing one for years. To celebrate a full decade on the air, this past Milwaukee Day they released the long-awaited project: 414 Music FM.

Farewell Bid via Greatest Lakes’ Soundcloud.

It’s easily-found by turning your HD radio station to 88.9-2, or by following along online or via their app. 414Music.FM is both free of ads (with support from Maxie’s) and free of any music not originating in southeastern Wisconsin.

Don’t Look Back In The Summertime by Airo Kwil‘s via Milwaukee Record Soundcloud.

To get an idea of the astounding talent and diversity of music available from local bands, just take a listen to any of the songs linked in this article. Each came on 414Music.FM literally while I was writing this article.

Don’t Forget Where You Came From via Cool Waters Band’s Broadjam.

There’s something perfect for every person, style, and occasion. Best of all, every single song you listen to is force-feeding your ears more and more Milwaukee-based music, supporting local artists regardless of what else you might be doing at that time.

highschoolalloveragain via Certain Stars’ Soundcloud.

I can tell you from personal experience that the more Milwaukee music you hear, the more you recognize band and artist names, and the more you realize how accessible their live shows are nearby (and that you know all the words to their songs when you go).

A Message via Vincent VanGREAT’s Soundcloud.

And they’re always looking for new contributions: if you are or have been a Milwaukee-area artist, toss them some samples tracks and get added to the rotation, regardless of how long ago you recorded.

BPA Free via D’Amato’s Soundcloud.

While 88Nine’s standard station may suffice for normal radio dials, there is no better complement to a day of strolling around town (using our Milwaukee Weekend Visitor’s Guides, of course) than with a headset turned to 414 Music.FM.

Joe and Katie at the 2017 88Nine RadioMilwaukee block party in Walker’s Point, Milwaukee: home of 414 Music FM. All photos by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd.

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