1) No, Packers (all ages)
Sunday, 01/15: Everywhere; 3:40pm – 6:40pm (free)

The run continues down to Arlington. You best be watching America’s Team. #WinOutOrWeOut

2) 33rd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration (all ages)
Sunday 01/15: Marcus Center for the Performing Arts (East Town); 1pm – 4pm (free)

Artistic shows, dancing, music, and community leaders help celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with this year’s theme, “We Shall Overcome”. In today’s America, where there seems to be so much tension between people, a reflection on a man dedicated to uniting us all seems like the perfect way to spend an early Sunday afternoon.

3) Growing Power Winter Market (all ages)
Saturday 01/14: Growing Power Inc (Havenwoods); 8am – 12pm (free)

Fresh produce in the dead of Milwaukee’s winter is hard to come by, especially in parts of the inner city. But Growing Power, a local nonprofit, has been helping provide healthy foods to a diverse part of the city for over two decades. You too can join in on their harvest during this public market.


1) Ever stop watching the Dallas Cowboys’ Leon Lett fumble

I realize this was before my all-time favorite Packer was on our team (and eventually won a Super Bowl), but considering this week’s matchup I had to play this.

Photo by Joe Powell. Featured image taken from the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.

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