1) PACKERS, le duh (all ages)
Sunday 01/22: America (land of the free); 2:05pm (free)

Katie watching the Pack beat down on the Fal-can’ts in 2011.

The running of the tables continues this weekend against the dirrrty birds of Hotlanta. If you’re not watching this game, we are not friends (…Greg). #WinOutOrWeOut

2) Riverwest FemFest 2017 (all ages)
All weekend: Riverwest; (various prices)

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that this annual fundraiser and celebration of all things feminine is happening the same weekend as the inauguration of the 45th presidentFemFest is taking over the Riverwest neighborhood all weekend long with music, film, art, and plenty more.

3) PubPass Milwaukee Kickoff Party (21+)
Saturday 01/21: Boone and Crockett (Bay View); 8pm – 12am (free)

2016 Milwaukee PubPass, photo provided by PubPass.

We featured PubPass on our 2015 local holiday gift ideas, and then proceeded to spend the next 12 months filling our bellies with free beer via our passport stamps. This Saturday they’re throwing a party with live music and prizes for those who completed their journey in 2016. You can also pick up your brand spanking new 2017 PubPass and get bar hoppin’.


1) Spend the next 4 years crying
Saturday 01/21: Puddler’s Hall (Bay View); 8pm – 10pm ($10)

At the risk of getting too political, I think it’s fair to say that President Trump was not anyone’s first pick (save for maybe the creator of NBC’s The Apprentice). But there’s plenty of constructive ways to take out our frustrations, chief among them through laughter and fundraising. The ACLU is putting on a national comedy fest this weekend called What A Joke. You can catch 6 national stand up comedians at Puddler’s Hall making light of our orange overlord.

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