1) Silent Party Milwaukee: 80’s-90’s vs EDM Edition (18+)
Friday 02/09: Miramar Theatre (Upper East Side); 9pm – 2am ($15)

Silent Discos are all the rage nowadays, and with good reason. Though it might seem antisocial to go to a club with everyone wearing personal headphones, it’s a neat experience to see a crowd of people all dancing to different tunes. Plus, here’s your chance to prove that 80s and 90s R&B is better than whatever “Bass Garage” is. Music, we assume?

2) Woman UP! 2018 (all ages)
Saturday 02/10: Wisconsin Expo Center at State Fair Park (West Allis); 10am – 4pm ($7)

Though I am not a woman myself, I in fact know many. And I also know that Shepherd Express’ annual Woman Up! event is a showcase of strong and inspirational women paired with a showroom full of events and products geared towards the female experience. So whether you’re rocking ovaries or no-varies, you’ll leave ready to take on the world.

3) Snowshoeing (all ages)
Saturday 02/10: Hawthorn Glen (Hawthorn Glen); 6pm – 8pm (free)

With a huge snowfall scheduled for Friday, take advantage of Mother Nature’s bounty by stepping all over her white, frozen face. Snowshoeing is more difficult but also more fun than it looks, and Hawthorn Glen is welcoming all comers for some evening frolic followed by hot chocolate.



1) Expect cell service during Mardi Gras

This photo by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd. Featured image by Shepherd Express from their Woman UP! event.

It’s “Fat Tuesday”, not “Cell-Reception Saturday”.

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