1) Cheer for Wisconsin Badger Basketball (all ages)
Friday 03/24: Badger Nation; 9pm – until the party stops (free)

Unlike their in-state little blue-and-gold brothers, the Badgers are back in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament for their 4th straight year. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the Florida Gators (#14 in best Public Universities in the USA) try their inevitable “gator chomp” hand motion against the Wisconsin (#10 best Public University) fan base that has used that “gator chomp” as an insult to every team they play since time immortal.

2) Brew City Safari: South to North Night Hike (18+)
Sunday 03/26: Bay View Park (Bay View); 3:30am – 6:30am (free)

Brew City Safari is one of those clubs that comes along and reminds you how creative folks can be in this city. They’re an urban hiking group, open to the public (and dogs!), that traverses different parts of the city completely at night. It’s an odd and enlightening way to see Milwaukee: dark and silent but still in a pack of like-minded folks.

The first hike of the season is this Sunday morning, bright and early at 3:30AM. The 7.5 mile hike to Discovery World should see you arriving just in time for a beautiful Lake Michigan sunrise.

3) Pamela Anderson’s Farewell Reception (all ages)
Friday 03/24: The Pfister Hotel (Eastown); 5:30pm – 9pm (free)

For the last few years The Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee has hosted an Artist-In-Residency program offering an opportunity unlike any other for both artists and locals. Abstract expressionist painter Pamela Anderson is winding down her stay at the end of this month, but the city has one last chance to view her works, as well as see her “pass the brush” to the next AIR, Margaret Muza, before unveiling her signature piece that will stay at The Pfister after she’s left.


1) Get too drunk before tip-off

I may or may not remember the game after this ‘West Virginia’ shot. Photo by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd.

Why oh why is tip-off for the Badger game at 9PM CST? Make sure to pace yourselves after work, folks.

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