1) Pabst Milwaukee Brewery Grand Opening Street Festival (all ages)
Saturday 05/13: Pabst Brewery (Westown); 1pm – 7pm (free)

After way too long, one of Milwaukee’s lost brewing sons has returned home. Pabst Brewery is once again making beer on a hill overlooking downtown, this time in an old converted church that stands on their once sprawling brewing campus. To celebrate, Pabst is throwing a block party in the newly-minted “The Brewery” district of Westown, just west of the Bucks arena. Food, music, live art, and of course beer. It’ll be THE place to be on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

2) Free Mother’s Day Activities (all ages)
Sunday 05/14: Various Times

Some of the mothers in my life. All photos by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd.

It’s Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, so do NOT forget to call your mother. Better yet, take her out and about around town. The Zoo is offering free admission to mothers, as is the Harley Davidson Museum and the Milwaukee Public Museum.

3) 2017 Corn Dog Carnival (21+)
Saturday 05/13: Leff’s Lucky Town (Tosa); 2pm – 6pm (free)

Not much is known about Leff’s “annual” Corn Dog Carnival. What we do know: corn dogs will be sold and eaten, and Leff’s will supply “corndog themed yard games”. That deep-fried golden meat-tube on a stick was both Jesus’ and George Washington’s favorite summer snack (citation needed), so don’t miss out.


1) Forget about all those dads out there

Lookin’ good bro.

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