1) SUMMERFEST (all ages)
All weekend: Henry Maier Festival Grounds (Third Ward); 12:00pm – 12am ($20)

All photos by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd.

It’s still Summerfest, folks, but now it’s the last weekend. GET THERE. LISTEN TO THESE BANDS: Days 7-9, Days 10-11.

2) Movies in Parks (all ages)
Friday and Saturday nights: (free)

Now that we’re deep into summer and the nice weather seems to be here to stay, it’s outdoor movie time! Pick your choice this weekend from multiple free showings in area parks:

3) Full Moon Yoga (all ages)
Saturday 07/08: Bradford Beach (Lower East Side); 8:30pm – 9:30pm ($10 donation)

Grab your mat and get ready to do some downward dog in the sand, under the moon, in the dark, on the shores of Lake Michigan. Usually you get the chance to do two of those things at once, tops.


1) Get too hot this weekend

The heat makes Katie a mad lady. And stay hydrated, folks. [Editor’s Note: This is true, friends. Stay cool.]

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