1) Brady Street Festival 2017 (all ages)
Saturday 07/29: Brady Street (Lower East Side); 11am – midnight (free)

One of Milwaukee’s main neighborhood arterials is throwing it’s annual block party: Brady Street Festival is all about the good music, good vibes, and good food. There’s nothing here you haven’t seen before, but it’s that familiarity that brings tens of thousands of people to these few blocks each year, all night.

2) Riverwest 24 Bike Race (all ages)
Friday & Saturday 07/28-29: Riverwest; 7pm – 7pm ($24)

All photos by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd.

One of Milwaukee’s more unique events, the Riverwest 24 is a 24-hour, non-stop bike ride through the streets of Riverwest. Run with a fierce intensity by local residents, this race is as much a way of life as it is a competition. If you’re not already registered, I suggest simply going down to observe people shave their heads or get tattoos to add laps to their total.

3) TRUE Skool Block Party 2017 (all ages)
Saturday 07/29: Marcus Center for the Performing Arts (East Town); 12pm – 6pm (free)

TRUE Skool serves Milwaukee’s youth through art and service, and this year’s block party on the river downtown will bring “intergenerational fixtures from the Milwaukee Hip Hop community together” for a day of music, food, giveaways, and community revelry.


1) Not marry your best friend

The Happiest Man at the Wisconsin State Fair and Meggy.

Welcome to the land of marriage, you fooligans.

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