1) Milwaukee Film Festival (all ages)
All weekend: All over Milwaukee; Many times ($12)

As we mentioned yesterday, the Milwaukee Film Festival starts up their 2-week run again this weekend. There are hundreds of shows all over the city, so there’s no excuse to not find something you’ll enjoy seeing.

2) Harvest Fest & Good Land Cranberry Liqueur Release (21+)
Saturday 09/30: Great Lakes Distillery (Walker’s Point); 7pm – 10pm (free)

All photos by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd.

It’s harvesting time. What does a distillery harvest? New booze, of course. Get some new Good Land Cranberry Liqueur, play some “fun harvest games”, and enjoy a cranberry eating contest.

3) Excessively shout HE WAS Number ONE In Front Of MIAD (all ages)
Sunday 10/01: MIAD (Third Ward); 4pm – 6pm (free)

Somehow, some way, for some undefined reason, a bunch of people are planning to stand in front of MIAD on Sunday and yell “He was number one!” as a homage to a classic Spongebob episode. Feel free to stop by and join along.


1) Sit on your styrofoam tailgating cooler

Tailgate responsibly this weekend, folks.

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