Updated April 13, 2017. Originally published April 14, 2016.

Every day is a great day to be in Brew City, but April 14th is a day officially dedicated for celebrating everything Milwaukee. The MKE festivities started in 2010, as Milwaukee Day fits so well on April 14th thanks to the American way of noting dates: 4/14, similar to the local telephone area code.

There’s about a bazillion different specials and events going on this Friday, 4/14/2017, in honor of it all. A few of our choices are listed below:

For Beer Lovers

Cover photo by 414 Photography. All other photos by Joe Powell.

The Music Scene

  • The rumor is our favorite radio station, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, has a special, earth-shattering announcement at 4:14PM. We’ll have our dials tuned.
  • Wonder Uncovered, a conglomeration of local musicians covering global chart toppers, will be rocking Stevie Wonder this Friday courtesy of (88.9’s own) Tarik Moody and David Wake.
Numerous Noms

  • Outpost Natural Foods has got all sorts of discounts running to stock up on.
  • For one day only, Great Lakes Distillery will be offering a Friday fish fry, with their liquors on the ingredient list.
The Other, Other Things to Do
  • Historic Milwaukee’s got new digs, and they’re celebrating with sales on local goodies to lure you in to see them.
  • Never tried our local bike-sharing system, Bublr Bikes? Friday’s the day to try it out. All day, 30-minute rides are free with code 41417. Their Grand Avenue Mall home-base also has an open house.
  • The iconic Harley Davidson Museum is an informative, if pricey, way to spend an afternoon. But this Friday, it’s free for anyone wearing a shirt reading “Milwaukee”.

While we at the Squeaky Curd try to show our love for this great city each and every day, we rep our MKE pride just a little bit more each April 14th. So raise an old fashioned, display your OG Milwaukee flag (or the “People’s” flag, if you must), and show your city some love, Milwaukee.

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