Our main downtown thoroughfare, Wisconsin Avenue, has a respectable amount of permanently installed public art, all anchored at the lake by Santiago Calatrava’s Quadracci Pavilion and the orange Sunburst. Starting this month and going through October, Sculpture Milwaukee has brought another 22(!) impressive works of art to the streetscape.

All photos by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd unless otherwise noted.

Walk east with us down Wisconsin Ave and take in the sights. It’s an easy 1 mile stroll through the center of our city. And make sure to take a look at the pieces of art from different sides; each new angle with a different city building as a backdrop turns the piece into something completely different.

Legend of the White Snake by Jason S. Yi

Location: Northeast corner of 6th St and W. Wisconsin Ave

Zach’s Tower by John Henry

Location: Southwest corner of 5th St and W. Wisconsin Ave

Summer by Alison Saar

Location: 400 W. Wisconsin Ave

Angled Tangle by Jessica Stockholder

Location: Southwest corner of 4th St and W. Wisconsin Ave

Unfortunately, some vandals destroyed this work of art shortly after it was installed. Luckily, our friends at OnMilwaukee snapped a pic before the destruction:

Vortex by Saint Clair Cemin

Location: Northwest corner of 4th St and W. Wisconsin Ave

Now we have our own temporary selfie-Bean! Take that Chicago.

Tower (Gubbio) by Sol LeWitt

Location: Northwest corner of Old World 3rd St and W. Wisconsin Ave

Plant by Donald Baechler

Location: 161 W. Wisconsin Ave

Arrow Sculpture by Tony Tasset

Location: 176 W. Wisconsin Ave

Safety Cones by Dennis Oppenheim

Location: Southwest corner of the Riverwalk and W. Wisconsin Ave

Untitled by Joel Shapiro

Location: Southeast corner of the Riverwalk and E. Wisconsin Ave

S2 by Santiago Calatrava

Location: Southwest corner of Water St and E. Wisconsin Ave

Untitled by Michelle Grabner

Location: 301 E. Wisconsin Ave

Holla by Chakaia Booker

Location: 333 E. Wisconsin Ave

Mood Sculpture by Tony Tasset

Location: 411 E. Wisconsin Ave

Pink Lady (for Asha) by Lynda Benglis

Location: 312 E. Wisconsin Ave (not installed as of 6/13)

Big Piney by Deborah Butterfield

Location: 500 E. Wisconsin Ave

Mixed Feelings by Tony Cragg

Location: 517 E. Wisconsin Ave

Rose #2 (Icon Red) by Will Ryman

Location: Southeast corner of Van Buren St and E. Wisconsin Ave

The Heart Called After the Flood by Jim Dine

Location: 777 E. Wisconsin Ave

Immigrant Family by Tom Otterness

Location: 875 E. Wisconsin Ave

Reina Mariana by Manolo Valdes

Location: 875 E. Wisconsin Ave

Shoreline Repast by Paul Druecke

Location: O’Donnell Park

These special pieces by internationally-renowned artists are on public display all summer. Just don’t climb on them.

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