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Hinterland Brewery
1001 Lombardi Ave
Green Bay, WI 54304
(920) 438-8050
Visit date: 11/18/2017

Quick Hits:
1) How many different beers?
12 of their own on tap.

2) How long operational?
Stated in 1994 in Denmark (WI), moved to Green Bay in early 2000s, moved into current location in March 2017.

3) Why? (here, this, etc)
Local man moved to California, wrote in the beer industry, moved back after brewing studies.

4) Distribution?
WI, MN, IL, and la-la-la-la-Lambeau!

5) What sets you apart?
Local history, location, and laid-back owners.

6) How did you get your name?
German for “backwoods”.

Hinterland Brewery in the Titletown District of Green Bay, WI. All photos by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd.

Hinterland Brewery, the operation arm of Green Bay Brewing Company (GBBC), is also the physical embodiment of both the brewing history and brewing future of Green Bay.

A Wisconsin native who learned about brewing in California felt the need to resurrect the GBBC in his “backwoods” home, which had sat dormant from the 70s to 1994.

After stints in small Denmark (WI) and then on the near north side of Green Bay (now Copper State), Hinterland signed a deal to set up shop as a focal point of the new Titletown District, next door to Lambeau Field.

Today, this brand-new, barn-like community space hosts huge crowds whether football season or not, feeding and satisfying beer lovers, while overlooking the fabled stadium across the way.

Ketl Flanders Gold
Opens sour, but veers immediately to a fruity, almost Kolsch-like crisp finish.

Evergreen Session IPA
Dry, with an uber-refreshing northwoods hop bed. The piney goodness sits on your palate.

Citra Pale Ale
Thirst-quenching, with subtle orange peel peeking through an otherwise no-frills, drinkable light beer.

Maple Bock
Just enough maple-y, gooey sweetness shines through to liven up this Amber-esque, malty classic.

Packers Pilsner
Bready & warming, with hints of poppy-seed and toffee.

Nitro Stout
Smooth as silk, obvious chocolate and chestnut notes. Filling.

We don’t often hop on the actual brewery tours anymore, but this one was not to be missed. The massive brewing space is still glistening, having only been installed a few months ago.

The cavernous brewing floor toes the line neatly between industrial complex and hometown-brewery feel. The knowledgeable and neighborly workers (shout out to our awesome tour guide, Eric) make the gleaming complex seem small and inviting.

One of the most impressive aspects of the whole operation, which we’ve never seen before: each beer in the tap room is served straight from a dozen brewing tanks. No kegs needed.

Hinterland Brewery’s new location is undoubtedly poised to become the centerpiece of the Titletown District. A visit to Green Bay now requires two stops for each weary traveler: the historic Lambeau Field and the no-less iconic Hinterland Brewery.

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