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Shipwrecked Microbrewery, Pub & Inn
7791 State Hwy 42
Egg Harbor, WI 54209
(920) 868-2767
Visit date: 07/15/14

Quick Hits:

1) How many different beers?
7 on tap, 11 released in total

2) How long open?
Pollman family opened in 1997

3) Why? (here, this, etc)
The building has a rich history, from Al Capone to ghosts.

4) Distribution?
Beer brewed on site. 2013 made 1100 barrels.

5) What sets you apart?
Historical site, attached to inn, first microbrewery in Door County.

Shipwrecked is located right on the main drag through Egg Harbor. They’ve been open since the 90’s operating as a brewery, pub, and inn, but the building itself has been around much longer and has its own share of interesting stories attached (check their website for details).

We sat down at the bar, though there is also plenty of seating in that and another dining area. The theme is nautical in nature, though with a definite small-town Door County feel. Their “Plank O’ Brews Sampler” was only $7 for one of each of their 7 beers on tap. The plastic cups were small and really were just for samples, and I was a little disappointed the “plank” was a piece of paper instead of actual wood.

Lighthouse Light:
A slightly-tastier Kolsch (ABV 5.6%) Miller Lite.

Bayside Blonde Ale:
American Blonde Ale (5.2%) lacking much flavor.

Summer Wheat (Seasonal):
This Hefeweizen (5.8%) was the only of the beers I found very drinkable, though it was still a bit watery.

Door County Chery Wheat:
This Wheat Ale (5.5%) is made with Door County cherries, which is a unique, local addition.

Captain’s Copper:
One of my favorite styles, Amber Ale, this beer had the color but lacked the maltiness I look for.

India Pale Ale (Seasonal):
Hop-hunters may find this IPA (6.5%) to be a bit weak, though it did feature more flavor than the Copper.

Peninsula Porter:
A pretty standard Porter (5.4%), if a bit watery.

Shipwrecked has a prime location and serves up a kitschy theme, but their beer was disappointing. Nearly every beer was watery and lacked flavor; indeed they were hard to distinguish at times. Points are given for having 7 on tap (and for just $1 apiece), but with little distinction between each it’s kind of moot having so many. Shipwrecked may be a neat place to stay as an inn to explore the area, and I can’t speak to the food, but there’s better beer to be had.

Shipwrecked Menu

All photos by Joe Powell.

Shipwrecked Plank O' Brews sampler Shipwrecked Plank O' Brews sampler Joe at Shipwrecked Shipwrecked interior Shipwrecked interior Shipwrecked interior

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