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Raised Grain Brewing Company. All photos by Joe Powell.

Raised Grain Brewing Company. All photos by Joe Powell.

Raised Grain Brewing Company
2244 W Bluemound Rd
Waukesha, WI 53186
(262) 505-5777
Visit date: 10/01/15

Quick Hits:
1) How many different beers?
8 on tap, 9th in fermenter

2) How long operational?
1 week

3) Why? (here, this, etc)
“This (Brookfield/Waukesha) is home.”

4) Distribution?
7 barrel system, distributing to local bars/restaurants “very soon”

5) What sets you apart?
Mill their own grain, purify their own water.

6) How did you get your name?
Background in cabinet making. “Raised grain is rough, bold, passionate.”

26 Raised Grain (2)

Raised Grain Brewing Company is brand-spanking new, having just had their grand opening a week before our visit. Though off the street a ways in a strip-mall style building, the four partners behind this venture did a nice job of making patrons feel comfortable. There’s a definite wood-working theme throughout, as if the name and saw in the logo weren’t a giveaway.

There's no wood shavings in the beer, we checked.

There’s no wood shavings in the beer, we checked.

We ordered a flight of everything they had to offer, which for a brewery this new I would’ve expected to be around 3 draughts. Not so, as Raised Grain has a full-fledged 8 house brews on tap, $9 for 4 samplers. While they don’t have a kitchen, Raised Grain does feature local food truck Smokey O’s BBQ on Thursdays, and welcomes you to bring your own food. Plus, each flight comes with a small amount of the most wonderfully-seasoned pretzel bites you’ve ever had.

The pretzels are the perfect complement to the beer.

The pretzels are the perfect complement to the beer.

Roggenaut Rye Pale Ale
Delicious, slightly-malty IPA.

Kilted Kolsch
Tasty, full-bodied. Easiest-drinking Kolsch I’ve had.

Spring City Amber
Hoppier than I expected, crisp.

Birdseye Belgian Tripel (we found out one brewer is from Belgium)
Lovely, easy-drinking, definite stand-out.

Paradocs Imperial Red IPA (named for the pair of doctor-brewers)
Killer-Red, hoppy & high-alcohol but still drinkable.

Six Stone Scotch Ale
Smokey, slightly-peaty, hard to notice the high-alcohol.

Standard, true-to-style.

Black Walnut Belgian Imperial Stout
Heavy, extremely nutty.

"Boldly Brewed Beer"

“Boldly Brewed Beer”

Though new, Raised Grain is no amateur operation. Partner Nick deftly answered all my questions, and partner/brewer/Doctor Jimmy showed us around the brewing equipment. “We’re focused on elevating grain to its highest form.” They’re doing this in a manner I never expected of a small brewery; they mill their own grain and use their own reverse-osmosis water purification system, allowing them to tweak their recipes down to the pH of the water. As Jimmy mentioned, even these details “are all part of the experience.” If that’s how they managed to brew 8 unique and individually-delicious beers so soon, then it’s working.

We were impressed, to say the least.

We were impressed, to say the least.


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