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Old Bavarian Brewing Company at OB's Brau House in Appleton, WI. All photos by Joe Powell.

Old Bavarian Brewing Company at OB’s Brau House in Appleton, WI. All photos by Joe Powell.

Old Bavarian Brewing Company (at OB’s Brau Haus)
523 W College Ave
Appleton, WI 54911
(920) 882-3360
Visit date: 11/14/15

Quick Hits:
1) How many different beers?
8 on tap all year, plus 1 “special brew”

2) How long operational?
Restaurant since 1999, Brewing Company since 2010.

3) Why? (here, this, etc)
Brewing is in owner’s German heritage, restaurateur family.

4) Distribution?
On tap throughout Fox Cities, bottling currently going through re-branding.

5) What sets you apart?
Restaurant/brewpub/nightclub. Traditional German recipes.

6) How did you get your name?
Owner moved to US from Bavaria, Germany.

35 Old Bavarian Brewing Company (2) sd

We started on this Great Wisconsin Brewery Tour journey with the hopes of finding good beer in unique venues throughout Wisconsin, yet even with that mentality we’re still finding ourselves surprised by what we encounter. Old Bavarian Brewing Company is featured at their “Brew Pub”, OB’s Brau Haus. Prominently located on the main drag in downtown Appleton, OB’s is much more than simply a brewpub. As owner Frank Schadt explained to us, OB’s starts the day as a traditional German restaurant and bar but transitions to a popular local nightclub after dark.

35 Old Bavarian Brewing Company (3) sd

While we did not partake in either the German fare or stay for clubbing, we gladly sampled all 9 of their brews ($11).

Hefe Weizen
Slightly-sour, floral head.

Pilsner (Pils)
Light, dry; would be good with fried food.

Sticke Altbier
Like a grainy-red.

Munich Lager
Very easy to drink; classic lager.

35 Old Bavarian Brewing Company (4) sd

Smooth, amber-y, traditional.

Klosterbock (Maibock)
Slight nose, well-balanced hop/malt.

Strong roasted and dark fruit notes.

Sweet, caramel, solid.

4-Year Barley Wine
Strong, warming; perfect for fireside cuddling.

35 Old Bavarian Brewing Company (5) sd

The most apt description for every one of the beers we tried is “traditional.” Frank tells us that’s intentional: all beer recipes come straight from Germany and abide strictly by the Reinheitsgebot purity law. They’ve had the same German brewmaster since the beginning, who does his own work with the brewing equipment from nearby Fox River Brewing Company. In addition to their own Braus Haus, Old Bavarian beer is on tap at 20-some local establishments and in a limited supply of bottled bombers.

While the setting at OB’s Brau Haus is decidedly modern, Old Bavarian Brewing Company’s beer is impressive in its dedication to and execution of old-world styles. If you’re looking to explore quality, true-to-style German beer (without the distracting additions us Americans are so fond of) this is the place to come.

Plus, Hammerschlagen!

Plus, Hammerschlagen!

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