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Blue Heron BrewPub
108 W 9th St
Marshfield, WI 54449
(715) 389-1868
Visit date: 10/21/16

Quick Hits:
1) How many different beers?
10 on tap, up to 12.

2) How long operational?
2008 as a separate entity (from Central Waters).

3) Why? (here, this, etc)
Current local owners, previous owners wanted restaurant with custom beers.

4) Distribution?
Only in-house growlers.

5) What sets you apart?
Diversity of how the space is used: a brew pub, a catering business, and a pizza pub.

6) How did you get your name?
Previously named Central Waters Brewpub and had a heron logo.

Blue Heron BrewPub in Marshfield. All photos by Joe Powell.

Blue Heron BrewPub in Marshfield. All photos by Joe & Katie Powell.

It may have taken us a while, but we rolled into Blue Heron BrewPub way up in Marshfield before their kitchen closed for some grub and glub.


A large converted dairy space now houses a comfortably-furnished pub on the first floor (with brewing equipment behind glass), a sit-down restaurant upstairs, and a catering kitchen next door.


What started back in 2005 as a collaboration to supply the brew pub with custom, flagship beers transitioned into an in-house brewing enterprise in 2008.


Since then, Blue Heron’s current owners (both physicians in Marshfield) have been focusing on expanding the diversity of their beers with a unique selection of pub fare.


Honey Blonde
Starts nutty, but transitions into a smooth honey.

Hop Heart IPA
A blossom of hops in your nose.

Hub City Lager
Your poundable tailgate beer.

Hip Wader Pale Ale
Delicious; a dry tongue but juicy taste.

Shadowfax Blanc Wit
A bubbly, almost fruity champagne.

Tiger’s Eye English Mild Ale
An all-day ale. Sip and converse.

Rauch’em Sock’em Smoked Ale
Definite smoke, but mild enough to have a full glass.

Loch Ness Strong Scotch Ale
The subtle, slow burn makes this rich ale so satisfying.

Southbound Chili Rye Ale
“Smells like nachos. Tastes like nachos.”

Thunder Echo Summer Stout
Ooo, very coffee, much rich.


I can attest to the breadth of flavors here, as I washed down my Curry’n’Chips with a cold chili rye ale. Those were definitely some spices I didn’t expect to encounter this far out.


Though their start may have been intertwined with another local brewery, Blue Heron BrewPub is now making a name for themselves. Be it their long list of in-house craft beers or lengthy pub + food menu, the little town of Marshfield is ready to tingle your tastebuds.


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