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All photos by Joe Powell.

All photos by Joe Powell.

Saint Francis Brewing Company
3825 S Kinnickinnic Ave
St Francis, WI 53235
(414) 744-4448
Visit date: 02/18/15

I normally ask the same 5 questions at every brewery to compare and contrast each place. At Saint Francis, I asked our waitress who tried her best to answer what she could and then gave me their brew-master’s email. I haven’t heard back from him yet. If I do I’ll update the article.

Quick Hits:

1) How many different beers?
12 on tap, “so many” total, ~ dozen in bottles

2) How long open?
almost 6 years

3) Why? (here, this, etc)
no answer

4) Distribution?
no answer

5) What sets you apart?
no answer

Saint Francis Brewing Company is no small outfit. This brewery/restaurant has been a near-south-side staple for years now, and their Seven Deadly Sins beer series can be found in bottles at nearly every store in the area. I first stopped in on a Friday night and left because it was so dang packed. Returning on a Wednesday, 6 of us were able to get a table in their dining area. There’s also a large bar near the brewing room and a separate party area. Overall, it’s  quite large.

08 Saint Francis (8)

Saint Francis Brewing Company has more than beer; they feature a fully-stocked bar and a full menu. Their fish fry that night was pretty good, but I was there for the beer. $8 got me a sample of the 8 of their own brews on draught that night (they also featured other breweries’ and had a cilantro cask beer).

08 Saint Francis (2)

Greed Golden Ale
Tasty; easy but good. Not watery.

Lust Weissbier
Banana-y wheat.

Wrath Amber Ale
Light, not enough malt for me.

Sloth Brown Ale
Watery, needed more strength.

08 Saint Francis (3)Envy IPA
Sweet hop-iness.

Kitzinger Kolsch
Light. Kind of nutty and nosy.

Chocolate Ale
Very chocolaty, with a roasted quality.

Double Red Ale
Nutty, dry, strong.

08 Saint Francis (11)

Saint Francis also hosts plenty of events to keep patrons coming in and drinking. From trivia nights to live music to a rewards program, SFBC is doing a great job of being a central hub in this small community. It’s a comfortable space with good beer and better food options. Who needs church when you can spend a Sunday at Saint Francis Brewing Company? That counts, right?
08 Saint Francis (9)

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