A recent Curd connoisseur asked how the average Milwaukeean parks their car on the street without getting a ticket? While we recently provided a similar answer regarding Winter Parking regulations, there are a number of standard parking rules and permits that otherwise apply year-round.

All photos by Joe Powell.

Photo by Joe Powell.

Daytime Parking
Most importantly: read the posted signs. They don’t lie. No sign? Then there is not a parking or time restriction.

Time limits are enforced on Saturdays but you don’t have to pay, and few meters or time limits are enforced on Sundays (notable exceptions being near North and Prospect Ave) .

Night Parking
Absolutely no parking on city streets between 2AM-6AM Monday through Saturday (morning, Friday night) without permit or permission. Permission is granted up to 3 nights per 30-day period for anyone. You must either call 414-286-8300 or enter your information here for permission. No permission or permit is necessary on Saturday nights (Sunday morning 2-6AM) or some holidays.

One must also be aware of the Alternate Side Parking rule: you can park on one side of the street overnight based on the calendar date. For example, overnight on May 3rd you can park on the odd side, in front of address 303 (not 304). Odd sides are often the West or South sides of the street, but not always.


Night Parking Permit
$55/year or $20/trimester (free for drivers with disabilities). Purchase online or at your local Police Station.

Residential Nonconforming Use Day Permits
If your residence was built before October 27, 1970 and doesn’t provide at least 2 parking spaces per 3 dwellings (apartment, condo) then, for $10/year you can park without time restrictions on the street nearest your home. More info in section 101-27.5 here.

Commuter Impacted Area Permit

My actual Commuter Impacted Parking Permit. KCCO

My actual Commuter Impacted Parking Permit. KCCO

For specially-designated “commuter impacted” areas in the city with a lot of congestion, residents may get one free permit per household that allows for all time restrictions in that area to be ignored. These approximate areas are shown in the map below. Passes can be obtained at a police station with proof of residence.

Reasons Joe has received tickets (paid here)
1) No parking within 4 feet of a driveway/alley.
2) No parking further than 12 inches from a curb.

Common Other Citations
1) No parking within 15 feet of crosswalk.
2) No parking within 10 feet of hydrant.

If you still can’t find parking, there are plenty of public lots in the city, and SpotHero for finding private spaces open.

Image originally by NBC.

Image originally by NBC.

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  1. Not all meters are free on Saturday. The sign will indicate whether it is metered parking ‘except Sunday’ or ‘except Saturday or Sunday’

    1. I’ll have to look more into this, but it’s my understanding that all street spots are free on weekends and the signs note whether the time limit applies on Saturday or Sunday.

      Meter Parking Sign

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