They don’t call Milwaukee “Brew City” just because we like making coffee; beer runs deep through our residents’ veins. At one point, 4 of the largest breweries in the country were all a stone’s throw away from each other downtown, and today most families can trace their roots back to an employee of at least one of those companies.

Today, it’s no surprise that the brewing culture is booming again. It seems like a new microbrewery is opening up every week; in fact, we’ve been chronicling 1 per week on our Great Wisconsin Brewery Tour for some time now. Here in Milwaukee, beer has become its own destination.

Last month we released the first of three local Milwaukee tour guides. Each is detailed, with curated picks of the best things to see and do in this city complete with pictures, maps, and links to help you along the way. The hope is that they can be a starting point (or complete package) for planning a weekend trip to Milwaukee.

Starting today, we’re releasing the second guide: The Beer Tour. Whether you’re interested in trying all the new batches of craft beer in the city, or curious about our beer heritage, this guide will whet the whistle of any and all visitors to Milwaukee. Check it out right here, along with our original Standard Tour, and our still-to-come Food Tour.

And for those of you curious, we do take requests on our Contact Us page for putting together a custom, personalized guide for you or your guests.

See you around the city!

Joe and Katie enjoying a couple fresh brews at MobCraft in Walker’s Point. All photos by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd.

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