If you only have a standard weekend to spend exploring Milwaukee, we’re sorry: that’s simply not enough time to see everything this diverse and eclectic city has to offer. But, luckily for you, we’ve painstakingly prepared multiple guides, picking and choosing a few of the big hitters that any visitor to Brew City must see and do and taste before leaving.

Whether you’re a tourist, new to the city, or a lifetime local, you’ll always find something new while exploring Milwaukee.

The Standard Tour

This guide (right here) will walk you through a weekend in Milwaukee giving you a small taste of many different areas. See the big sights, eat the good food, live like a Milwaukeean for a few days. If you’ve never been to the Brew City before, this itinerary will make you feel like a true local. (You can follow along on our map, too.)

The Beer Tour

They don’t call Milwaukee “Brew City” for nothing: this is the holy-land of tried and true beer making. If you’re in the mood to knock a few back at a few of the 25+ breweries within the city limits, our guide will lay out the path for you.

The Food Tour

Milwaukee’s becoming a hot destination for foodies, thanks in no small part to the world-class chefs, farm-fresh ingredients and local vendors, and down-home cooking mentality you’ll find here. If your focus is on food, from restaurants to cheesemongers to pączkis, we’ve got some delectable recommendations.

And for those of you more interested in a custom itinerary, designed just for you based on your own likes and times, feel free to contact us right here and we can help create a guide of any length just for you.