East Town is where Milwaukee’s money is made and spent, a place to see and be seen on a Saturday night. Start cocktail hour at Blu, a bar at the top of the Pfister hotel. There’s no better view with booze in the city. For a quality dinner, you can’t go wrong with the nearby Pastiche At The Metro, hidden Buckley’s Restaurant, high-end Bacchus, or Iberian-fusion Amilinda.

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Dinner was just the start of your night. Explore the clubs abound on Milwaukee Street between Mason and Wisconsin. Otherwise, check out Cathedral Square (off Wells between Jefferson and Jackson), where the well-to-do yuppies like to play. Dance at Whiskey Bar, stay classy at Belmont Tavern, grab bottle service at Plum Lounge, or take a scorpion shot at Bad Genie.

Whatever you do, make sure to end the night with a piping hot bowl of heaven at the original Real Chili.

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All photos by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd.