Update 06-14-16: Dates for the 2016 summer Newaukee Night Market are 06/15, 07/13, 8/17, and 9/14. Original article below posted 06-25-15.

On the third Wednesday of each month from June – September, Wisconsin Ave shuts down between 2nd and 4th street to make way for the 2nd annual NEWaukee Night Market. This outdoor market had tons to offer: pretty things to look at, business owners and artists to chat with, and delicious food to be devoured. And don’t worry, Milwaukee, there is plenty of beer and wine to be had.

The NEWaukee Night Market at dusk. Photo by Erin Bayliss

The NEWaukee Night Market at dusk. All photos by Erin Bayliss.

The Goods

West Wisconsin Ave contained tent after tent of local vendors and artists offering goods that appealed to all the senses. There was handmade jewelry at reasonable price points (plenty of options under $50).

There were free smells – wonderful smells – from soy-based candles that were housed in recycled beer & wine bottles. The scents were inspired by their eco-friendly enclosures. That’s right – beer scented soy candles! My personal favorite was Merlot.

And Milwaukee Swag!

The Swag - Photo by Erin Bayliss

The Swag.

The Freebies

The freebies. The night market itself is free and features live music and activities you could participate in without spending a dime.

For those who enjoy showing off their smarts for all the world to see, there was a giant chess board.

The live viewing of a battle of wits - Photo by Erin Bayliss

The live viewing of a battle of wits.

And for those who prefer gifting the world with pictures of their gorgeous faces, there was Maud’s Misery Museum. I was slightly disappointed to learn that Maud’s was not the world’s smallest circus, but rather a photo booth. Inside were props reminiscent of a David Lynch film, glitter, and Maud – the photographer and business owner. You will leave Maud’s with messier hair and far more glitter on yourself that what you walked in with. The pictures get posted online where you can download them for FREE!

Maud and her Misery Museum. Photo by Erin Bayliss

Maud and her Misery Museum.

The Foods

The alcohol stand located on 3rd street offered $5 beers and $6 wine. There was no excuse to leave the market hungry thanks to the wide range of goodies to choose from. The “Meat on the Street” and “Simmer Café” food trucks offered meats and soups respectively.  And for those who know they are adults yet actively choose to ruin their appetites with dessert first, fret not: Pete’s Popsicles, Happy Dough Lucky Mini Donuts and Miss Molly’s Pastries will satisfy that enormous sweet tooth.

Meat on the Street. Photo by Erin Bayliss

Meat on the Street. Photo by Erin Bayliss

The next NEWaukee Night Market is Wednesday July 22nd.  With so much going on in Milwaukee during summer this outdoor market may seem a bit redundant, but the friendly local entrepreneurs really made the experience feel unique. The Night Market truly captures the spirit of summer: eating, drinking and being merry with your neighbors!

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