In the immortal words of R. Burgandy: “Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee.”

As a member of the (dreaded/lauded/incessant/hard-to-spell) Millennial generation in Milwaukee, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to keep track of what’s important to me as well as get my own opinions heard. To be sure, there are a range of legitimate, well-funded, and well-written news organizations in this city. Likewise, you’d need more than two hands to count the number of “young-professional” (cringe) groups nearby, be it focused on art, business, sailing, food, etc.

But too often these sources narrow their appeal to the fringes: suburban baby-boomers, city-dwelling liberals, disaffected hipsters, drunken yuppies. This isn’t to discount the importance and influence of those groups, but instead to support the need for more than mainstream acceptance.

The Squeaky Curd was started with the purpose of providing unfiltered access to the thoughts, trials, and interests of a group of Millennials in Milwaukee. The hope is that members of that generation will find information that interests them, while others will gain a better understanding of what makes us tick.

The Squeaky Curd represents the new batch of residents ready to improve Milwaukee. We’re here to change this city; not because it was bad before but because we can make it so much better. You’ll find within these pages short and concise posts (most less than 414 words) meant to highlight what we find worth knowing and recognizing within Milwaukee and Wisconsin at large.

Don’t be afraid of the squeak, it just means it’s fresh.

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