After losing six straight for the first time this year, today’s Brewer’s comeback win in the 9th inning has inspired this week’s Sunday Cycle, appropriately titled:

The 414 word guide to surviving the rest of the baseball season. 


– Cheer for wins like today. The Brewers came back to win a game in the ninth inning for the first time all year. It was the biggest ninth inning comeback for the Brewers since 2011. Every young member of this team is better off for being a part of today’s win.

– Check the injury report after every game – it’s more important than the box score. If the Brewers stay healthy, it maximizes GM David Stearn’s ability to move pieces this off season if the right deal comes along.

– Pay attention to the starting pitching. Many members of this rotation are working through some struggles, and momentum heading into the off season is important. While Wily Peralta seems to be on the upswing, Jimmy Nelson’s struggles continue to baffle me. I’ll be interested to see if Junior Guerra continues to be successful after he comes off the DL, and Matt Garza is Matt Garza (#theworst).

– Go to Miller Park. At least once more before the end of the year. Tickets on the secondary market are dirt cheap, and nobody cares if you buy nose bleed seats and move up. Tailgating is still one of the best ways to party in Milwaukee, and the Miller Lite will still flow like the Milwaukee River. While I don’t expect to inspire a movement here, these young players need your support. Grab some friends and get out to the ballpark one more time.


– Hold your breath for a waiver deadline deal before the end of the month. There’s a reason the non-waiver deadline gets all the attention; waiver deals of significance rarely happen, and almost certainly won’t happen with this Brewers team.

– Expect a flurry of September call ups. Take a look at this roster: half of the players were called into Major League duty too soon. They need as much playing time as possible over the next month and a half, and there’s no need to fill up a losing locker room with even more wide-eyed rookies.

– Get discouraged when you see the Brewers lose games in bunches. I’m not saying I want the Brewers to tank – tanking doesn’t work as effectively in baseball as it does in basketball and football. That being said, The Brewers are on pace for a top five draft pick next year, and there’s a bunch of young kids on this team just starting to get their bearings. Patience.


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