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Greetings and Salutations my most honorable Thursdians,

Another week has come and gone. As I sit here patiently awaiting the hour of celebration, it’s clear to me that Thursday nights have become something beautiful  – like the reflection of the Polish Moon glistening off a fresh can of Old Milwaukee. Speaking of beauty, Thursday night we will be embarking to the Up and Under Pub (1216 E Brady St). The historical background of Brady Street and the Up and Under Pub is quite remarkable.

According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, the Up and Under’s building dates all the way back to 1885. Throughout the years one thing remained common: it has always been a place of good drinks and social bliss. During prohibition it fronted as a soda shop and sold “near beer” which was basically just beer with an extremely low alcohol level; unfortunately, that didn’t stop the place from getting raided in 1928. Since then, it has been a dance hall, a flower shop, and even a café at one point. This place has seen its fair share of Milwaukee history.

1214 E Brady St.

Historically this has always played host to a tavern of sorts.

Offering a fantastic view of the legendary Brady Street, this pub is celebrating its historical place in Milwaukee by paying homage to the historical brews that make this city so great. Take note of the classic beer can collection which displays why Milwaukee is the beer capital: you’ll quickly see Schlitz, Pabst, Old Milwaukee, and Blatz represented. A stage standing in the center of the building has played part in many musical acts, and at one point this pub was even considered a blues bar. Just look at the calendar of events to notice that there is always something going on here, whether its trivia or a new Milwaukee music act. This Thursday’s line-up includes an open mic night for those who are brave and willing to get on stage to prove themselves in the art of comedy.

The Up and Under Pub

Standing as it is today the Up and Under Pub.

Thursday evening should make for one heck of a good time. In this crazy November full of ridiculous weather, world champion Chicago Cubs, and a political circus we need a good time and great people to get away. Welcome to Thursdays can be that get away. I look forward to seeing all of you out there this Thursday!

Cheers my Friends!

Your Co-Founder,

Jeremy Blandin

Join us at The Up and Under Pub, 1216 E. Brady St., at 7:30pm Thursday, November 10th. 

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