We’re almost ready to slam the door on the generally agreed-upon terrible 2017. But while natural, political, and sports-related disasters filled our airwaves for the last 12 months, The Squeaky Curd has tried to fill your web-waves with positive, quality content.

Our humble little website really started gaining some traction this year: we more than doubled our page views and nearly tripled our visitors. We snagged readers from a whopping 104 different countries, and we’re pretty sure that the 16 views from Russia weren’t bought by Putin!

What’s more, we increased our yearly article output from a measly 92 in 2015 (1.8 per week) and 151 in 2016 (2.9/wk) to an incredible 230 in 2017 (4.4/wk) all thanks to our incredible (unpaid) staff and our hatred of a good night’s sleep. We aim to continue providing more content in 2018, and to keep that content focused on what you fine folks want to read about.

Most-Read Articles from 2017

  1. Please Link to This Article When Arguing About the Milwaukee Streetcar
    • Our click-baitiest name ever, sure, but an article actually filled to the brim with facts to throw around in your next Facebook rant about the Milwaukee streetcar (aka “The Hop”). Be on the lookout for the actual streetcar to start running in 2018. Maybe then we can stop writing about it.
  2. What’s That Building: 2737 S Kinnickinnic Ave
    • Perhaps sharing this article on the Bay View Town Hall Facebook page had something to do with the viewership spike, but we know no shame here at TSC. Either way, the question remains: in burgeoning Bay View, how is this prominent corner still a vacant building?
  3. Local Celebrities in Local Bars: Jerry and Ryan Steny
    • This past year we talked with musicians, bands, magicians, and county executives, but our most popular LCLB feature was on Jerry and Ryan Stenstrup. Their iconic Steny’s Tavern has been a Walker’s Point fixture for decades, and this vivacious father-son duo is part of the continued draw.
  4. Milwaukee’s Forgotten Lake Emily
    • One of my all-time favorite historic facts about Milwaukee is Lake Emily: a tiny little pond hiding beneath the behemoth Northwestern Mutual complex in East Town.  Who knew we sat upon two great lakes?
  5. Milwaukee’s Hidden Kaszube’s Park
    • An update to our 2014 article about Milwaukee’s smallest, most hidden public park struck a chord again with locals. Be on the lookout in your urban adventures this year for Kaszube’s Park on the otherwise industrial wasteland of Jones Island.

Joe’s Top Picks for 2017

  1. Milwaukee’s Last Republican Mayor: The Original Millennial
    • One of our more recent articles, the historic and hilarious story of Mayor Becker should be taught to every single Milwaukee child. His escapades (cross-country road trips, public clock destruction, and generally being a 20-something kid) are not yet legendary, but they should be.
  2. #BBC17: Takeaways From A Beer-Soaked Weekend
    • Our Great Wisconsin Brewery Tour has seen us visit some 136 breweries across Wisconsin (and counting), which granted me a little “expert” credence when I attended the Beer Bloggers Conference this summer at the Best Place. It was 3 days filled with more great beer conversation and consumption than I could have ever imagined Brew City could hold.
  3. You Too Can Be a Millennial Homeowner
    • We started the year with a step-by-step guide on how Katie and I prepared for and ultimately found our first house, laying out the not-so-complicated but very-intimidating process. Our generation may have taken a minute to get situated, but it’s time we start building some four-walled equity.
  4. The Biggest Takeaway From the Legacy of Sheriff David Clarke
    • The ever-divisive former Sheriff Clarke is off dropping in on Fox News and stumping for President Trump, but his legacy in Milwaukee left us with some hard questions that need answering for the future of our public safety.
  5. All three of our Milwaukee Weekend Visitor’s Guides
    • Whether you’re a lover of beer, food, or all the big hits, our detailed and informative guides will provide you with a tour of the Cream City like only a true local could provide. Best of all: they’re tailored to be completed in just a few days! Vacation or staycation, perfect for all comers.

We here at The Squeaky Curd are so grateful for the continued support of our readers. Thanks to your interest in what we have to see, do, and write, our crew as able to attend a national beer conference, snag media passes to Summerfest, meet multiple local celebrities, visit tons of cool hidden spots around town, and best of all talk with plenty of you local Milwaukeeans.

Thank you for reading and joining our celebration of all Milwaukee has to offer. Cheers to continued success in 2018!

As our social outreach budget is currently $0, we’d love for you to continue sharing and talking up our articles that you find worthwhile on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And don’t forget to subscribe via email!

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