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When I moved to St Louis a few years ago I had no idea where to go for anything that I was looking for. Restaurants, libraries, movie theaters, eccentric adult-playground-museums; I knew they were all nearby but didn’t know where or which ones I should go to. The Interwebz took me to a website that I’d heard mentioned before but never used myself. Yelp grabbed my attention back in 2012 and hasn’t let go since.

It’s a free review website for any place you’d ever want to go (and many you’d like to avoid). All reviews are from the general public. Had a great burger? Write about it. Terrible dry-cleaning? Make a note. Found the bronze likeness of Henry Winkler? Pics or didn’t happen.

I used Yelp for recommendations on everything while in St Louis, and it rarely steered me wrong. To this day I look up places and things to see in every city I travel to, and have found an amazing number of hidden wonders because of it.

Every major city in the US, and in many other countries, has a Yelp portal that allows you to search in that city and surrounding areas. Likewise, each of these cities has at least one Yelp Community Manager: the only people on the site that actually are on Yelp’s payrolls. These people often write reviews as a private citizen, but also organize social events in the city and maintain relationships with business owners for Yelp.

A few months into my usage of Yelp in St Louis I realized that I could easily give back to the site that I had gained so much information from. That’s when I created my own account and started adding my own opinions and experiences for everywhere I went in the Lou. I chose to focus only on places I ate or drank, though you can certainly write for anywhere from a park to an airport to a statue.

As of this post I’ve written 297 reviews for Yelp. It’s been just as helpful in Milwaukee as it ever was in St Louis. I never leave home without checking on a place. You can follow me on my page, and there’s a button on the bottom of this site. I highly encourage all of you to at least give it a look, if not join in yourself. Yelp could always use another voice.

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