“Nothing called to me more than the fresh air, freedom, and the open sea  – until I got lost in Old Milwaukee’s sweet sweet siren song. For it was at that moment, that I truly understood what it was like to look and travel beyond the horizon.” – Matt Ruemler

Greetings and Salutations my Thursday Night Companions,

Join us this Thursday as we travel back to West Allis in search of good times at Liquid Johnny’s!  An establishment that has much more to offer than your normal fare, Liquid Johnny’s is known for its amazing food selection and great service. Rumored to have one heck of a Friday Fish Fry, Liquid Johnny’s offers up a large assortment of food that fills even the hungriest of patrons. This Thursday is going to be awesome, as always, and I very much look forward to seeing everyone there! Our membership numbers are growing at a great pace and the larger our Thursday night family gets, the more I look forward to every Thursday night! This Thursday, you may even be lucky enough to hear the tale of the “Liquid Johnny”, a fishing technique that gave birth to the famous fish fry at Liquid Johnny’s from Thursday’s own Matt “Max Hayes” Ruemler.

As the story goes, it started one humid July morning when a young Matt Ruemler was stumbling home after a long night of competitive Keger tossing, Wisconsin’s rendition of the classic Scottish sport of caber tossing. Instead of tossing a log, you toss a full ½ barrel of Old Milwaukee; the longer throw gets to drink the keg. After a hard fought match, nothing sounded better than an iced cold Old Milwaukee and the peace and serenity of being out on the lake. Matt grabbed a six pack, his legendary fishing rod nicknamed the “Johnny” after Johnny Appleseed the American Pioneer, and headed out for Lake Moshawquit.

He rowed out to the deepest part of the lake and was preparing to cast, when he realized that he had forgotten his bait. Matt was quite upset, as he was all the way out in the middle of the lake and didn’t want to ruin the rest of his day rowing back to shore. Suddenly out of the water, the man, the myth, the legend Will Ferrell rose and spoke to Matt: “When you have the world’s best, who needs bait?!” Matt dunked his hook in his can of Old Mil and cast. I kid you not readers, fish were literally jumping out of the water and onto his line, as if they almost wanted to be caught. After running out of space on his boat, he paddled back to shore. Unsure what to do with all the fish, Matt stopped by Liquid Johnny’s on his way back to town and had their cooks fry some up. The results were legendary. This did not taste like your ordinary fish fry, no my readers, it was something more than that; it was a delectable, Liquid Johnny’s fish fry. From that day on, Matt “Max Hayes” Ruemler never bought bait again, and became the legendary caster of the “Liquid Johnny.” The rest is history.

Master of the Liquid Johnny – Matt “Max Hayes” Ruemler.

Cheers my Friends!

Your Co-founder and Friend,

Jeremy Blandin

*Keeping your glass filled and spirits high one Thursday at a time, this is Welcome to Thursdays: a local social group determined to make your Thursdays more fun. Each Wednesday, The Squeaky Curd features a fictitious history of a Milwaukee County bar that we gather at on Thursday evening. Join us this Thursday, April 27, 2017 at Liquid Johnny’s located at 540 S 76th Street (West Allis) at 7:30pm.* 

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