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Greetings and Salutations my most humble Thursdians,

The chill of fall flows through the city streets as winter draws ever nearer; yet, I feel as warm as ever as the growth and love for Welcome to Thursdays keeps me warm. This Thursday is a special one: it’s Parents’ Night. Let’s give a big thanks to those moms and dads that brought us up right so that we may enjoy such luxuries like Welcome to Thursdays.

Join us as we travel to the Newsroom Pub (137 E Wells St), a place rich with stories and history. Covered with autographs from dignitaries, celebrities, sports figures, and many presidents, this place has seen its fair share of Milwaukee history since its inception in 1885. It’s also known to serve up quite the cocktail, so come on out this Thursday and share in the history and good times!

Very rarely do you find something that stands the test of time and becomes so legendary that year after year people of high importance show up to witness its perfect complexity and taste. Old Milwaukee became this level of legendary decades ago, and people from all over the world wanted to try the brew – but to avoid making a scene, they wanted a private space to glorify it. Thus, the Newsroom Pub became a secret tasting room for those notables who wanted to remain discrete. All that was required was a signature on the wall and a pledge to preserve this legendary brew at all costs.

However as popularity boomed,  it became clear that this legendary beer needed more than just a simple “signature on the wall” pledge. So, the Order of Anubis was born with a clear mission: preserve the safekeeping and ideals of the legendary brew, Old Milwaukee. According to Egyptian history, Anubis is the God of the Afterlife. While at the Newsroom, be sure to take note of the mummified cat over the fireplace, as this is no ordinary cat. High on display, he watches over the patrons enjoying spirits. This cat’s origins are foggy at best, but rumor has it that the Order of Anubis discovered the cat and placed it on display to safeguard Old Milwaukee.


Just some of the historical moments behind Old Milwaukee and the Order of Anubis

Just some of the historical moments behind Old Milwaukee and the Order of Anubis

Many attempts have been made to steal the Old Milwaukee recipe, but as history has taught us, none have succeeded. Strangely enough, it also seems that cats are drawn to Old Milwaukee and will get very protective over it.

Cats have always been drawn to Old Milwaukee.

Cats have always been drawn to Old Milwaukee.

Let’s raise a glass to the Newsroom Pub and the company it keeps Thursday night. Cheers my friends!

Your founder and friend,

Jeremy Blandin

Join us at The Newsroom Pub located at 137 E Wells St, Milwaukee, Thursday, October 13 at 7:30pm.

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