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Greetings and Salutations my most noble Thursdians,

Cuirimid fáilte roimh duit a bheith linn ar an Déardaoin!

(We welcome you to join us this Thursday!) This week, we travel to The Black Rose Irish Pub (2856 N. Oakland Ave). Opened in 2009, this Milwaukee bar is serving up perfect pints of Guinness and delicious Irish fare to all who are looking for a little Irish hospitality. The Thursdays Crew will be heading out in full force to enjoy good times with good people; so join us and get in on this!

The name “Black Rose” actually has a lot of history behind it, as it comes from the Gaelic term “Roisin Dubh”. This term originates from a 17th century Irish poem: “Over the Highways and byways the pilgrim goes aflame with the name of my small black rose.” Therein lies the true meaning of the Black Rose: to invigorate your senses and create a setting in which you are in perfect balance with happiness and harmony.

The spirit of Ireland is alive and well in Milwaukee. Many of the Irish people that settled in Milwaukee claim Old Milwaukee to be America’s Black Rose, as it is always in the center of a good time. Its flavors seem to be quite poetic on many levels. The partnership of the Irish People and the perfection that is Old Milwaukee goes back for many years. In fact the term “Luck of the Irish” originated out of Milwaukee.

Irish Pride

Old Milwaukee believes in the pride of the Irish people!

Many Irish people came to America due to the “Great Famine” between 1845 and 1852, causing a large rise in Irish population throughout America – this included Milwaukee. Most of Irish immigrants that found themselves in Milwaukee settled in the Third Ward. They were met with some of the same troubles they left behind in Ireland, including poverty and tragedy, but this would not stop them from making a new life. The Irish people fought, worked hard, and slowly but surely made lives for themselves. Eventually, they moved out of the Third Ward and spread throughout Milwaukee neighborhoods, becoming a bigger part of Milwaukee’s culture.

One happy Irishmen enjoying a fine Old Milwaukee.

One happy Irishmen enjoying a fine Old Milwaukee.

In the 1890’s Old Milwaukee was introduced to the world, and this included the great beer drinkers of Ireland. It was in Mid-August when a keg of Old Milwaukee was delivered to one of the original Irish Pubs. Being so delicious, and quite possibly the best beer they had ever tried, the Irish celebrated this beer for an entire week; thus Irish Fest was born. To this day, the Irish of Milwaukee say that they are in fact the luckiest in the world for living in such a great city with such a great beer. You could say they have the “luck of the Irish” on their side.

Always ready for that next pint of Old Milwaukee!!

Always ready for that next pint of Old Milwaukee!!

Cheers my friends!

Your Founder and Friend,

Jeremy Blandin

Join us at The Black Rose Irish Pub, 2856 N. Oakland Ave., at 7:30pm Thursday, October 27th. 

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