Greetings and Salutations my most honorable Thursdians,

Picture this: you find yourself in a place you are not certain you have ever been; you’re feeling things that are unlike those you have ever felt. Strange lights dance across your field of vision, reflected back through every angle; then suddenly you become enthralled in the sounds of music and a fantastic aroma. You may not believe this place is real – but then you go to Victor’s. Come join us this Thursday as we travel to a place with no destination: we’re getting lost at Victor’s.

Victor’s is something of a conundrum. The second you walk through the doors your mind gives in to the art – not art you would find on the walls, but art that you search for without actually knowing what to look for. It just feels right, and it takes you to a place of serendipitous bliss. Not many know the reasoning behind this, but your mind gives up all control of the body to the positive vibes and booty shakin’ music; it’s something that has kept people coming back to Victor’s for all these years. Rumor has it that all of these feelings and amazing acts started when a young Victor took over in the 60’s. He wanted to ensure that good times were had by all visiting his club. Victor did just this when he found a way to break down Old Milwaukee, bond it with oxygen, and release it through the AC ducts at Victor’s; thus the reason behind your multicolored, abstract sense of time and space.

Get down this Thursday!

Scientists from all over the world have traveled to Victor’s to experience this and break down how and why it works; none have been able to find an answer, so the secret remains. I am not sure why this is such a mystery, since every can of Old Milwaukee is a journey through time and space, and we the travelers beckon the call of her golden song when it rings. Secret or no secret, it remains a fact that you are in for a good time when you travel to Victor’s. So spend your Thursday evening with the best Thursday night explorers and come out with Welcome to Thursdays!

Victor’s brings the funk out in all of us, even the king of Old Milwaukee!

Cheers My Friends!

Your Co-Founder and Friend,

Jeremy Blandin

*Keeping your glass filled and spirits high one Thursday at a time, this is Welcome to Thursdays: a local social group determined to make your Thursdays more fun. Each Wednesday, The Squeaky Curd features a fictitious history of a Milwaukee County bar that we gather at on Thursday evening. Join us this Thursday, March 9, 2017 at Victor’s, located at 1230 N Van Buren St (Yankee Hill) at 7:30pm.* 

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