Greetings and Salutations my Friends,

Come out this Thursday night and join us as we slowly, but surely, welcome the spring back into Wisconsin and Welcome to Thursdays! The closer we get to warmer weather, the closer we come to two great words: patio bar. Until then, come travel with us as we head back to Walker’s Point to enjoy some good drinks and great people at Zad’s.

Zad’s has quite the history, with the building dating all the way back to 1887. It served many different purposes throughout its life: from a grocery store, to a garage, to the upstairs serving as a rooming house for over a century until it became the apartments it is today.

Now, Welcome to Thursdays has visited plenty of bars in the Walker’s Point area, and all of them have shown us a great time, but Zad’s does one thing that none of those other bars do: they cater to the hard working men and women of the lonely third shift of Milwaukee. Opening the bar at the brisk hour of 6 am allows those who are just getting off of work to go enjoy a cold one after a long night. Speaking of a long night, this reminds me of the tale of Walter, the White Rabbit of Walkers Point who lost his 6-pack of Old Milwaukee…

No one can really explain the reasoning for rabbits and eggs during this time of year, but after doing some extensive research I am here to say that I have the answers my friends! You see, what people don’t know is that Walker’s Point used to be home to an extremely rare breed of white rabbit called the Olmilkee White Rabbit.

Is he real? We may find out this Thursday!

The reason for this name came from long ago, when a family of white rabbits were found living in a case of Old Milwaukee Beer. When people took the rabbits away from the beer to be released into the wild, the rabbits always ended up back in the same place with their Old Milwaukee. Astonished by this miracle, a group of scientists decided to conduct an experiment. They determined they would hide various six packs of old Milwaukee throughout Walker’s Point and see if the rabbits could hunt them down; kind of like an Easter egg hunt. Sure enough, the rabbits found every last bottle throughout the night. In the early morning the streets were foggy and the scientists wanted to celebrate their findings; but alas, it was 6 AM, much too early for a bar to be open. Suddenly like a beacon of hope penetrating the early morning fog, a bright sign saying “ZADS” flashed through. Thanks to Zad’s, the scientists could in fact celebrate that morning with an iced cold beer. No one really knows what happened to the Olmilkee White Rabbits of Walker’s Point, but I’d like to believe that they are still here hopping about, one Old Mil at a time.

Cheers my Friends!

Your Co-Founder and Friend,

Jeremy Blandin

*Keeping your glass filled and spirits high one Thursday at a time, this is Welcome to Thursdays: a local social group determined to make your Thursdays more fun. Each Wednesday, The Squeaky Curd features a fictitious history of a Milwaukee County bar that we gather at on Thursday evening. Join us this Thursday, April 13, 2017 at Zad’s located at 438 S 2nd St (Walker’s Point) at 7:30pm.* 

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