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All photos by Joe Powell.

All photos by Joe Powell.

III Dachshunds Beer Company
(available only at City Lounge)
3455 E Layton Ave
Cudahy, WI 53110
Visit date: 04/22/15

Quick Hits:

1) How many different beers?
Four standards, multiple seasonals, root beer, and orange soda available.

2) How long open?
Brewing since 2003, located exclusively at City Lounge since 2007.

3) Why? (here, this, etc)
The entire history of 3 Dachsunds can be found here, but the former owner of City Lounge was inspired by similarities between his little dogs and beloved beers.

4) Distribution?
Brewed by Stone Cellar Brewpub in Appleton, but available only on tap at City Lounge in Cudahy.

5) What sets you apart?
It’s all about Dachshunds. They have regular Dachshund meetups at the bar, and people travel from far away just because of the name and their love for their dog.

11 3 Dachsunds (6)

“Time for a treat.” I like that tagline.

I don’t venture to Cudahy often, but for the second time I’ve managed to find surprisingly-good local beer hiding just south of Milwaukee (even though Patrick Cudahy was more a fan of meats than taverns). III Dachshunds Beer Company is contract-brewed up in Appleton, but owner Joe Halser only serves it in the eclectic City Lounge.
11 3 Dachsunds (10)This prominent building on a busy corner was not at all what I expected inside; it was like a mashup of old-Milwaukee tavern meets dance club housing Uncle Louie’s hoarding knickknacks. Somehow it works.

In one corner; video poker and jukebox. In the other; Pitbull's living room.

In one corner; video poker and jukebox. In the other; Pitbull’s living room.

Ambiance aside, I was here to drink beer; bartenders Dan and Jessica were more than happy to oblige. They usually have three III Dachshund brews on tap at any given time, and I was able to get all three in a flight of five total (the rest of their beer selection is impressive as well) for $11.

Otto's Oatmeal Stout, Ankle Biter Ale, and O'Doxie Irish Style Ale.

Otto’s Oatmeal Stout, Ankle Biter Ale, and O’Doxie Irish Style Ale.

O’Doxie Irish Ale
A crisp spring seasonal, a teeny malty and reminiscent of a fresh Kolsch.

Ankle Biter Ale
A surprisingly-solid Amber Ale. Very easy to drink, with a slightly malty nose. I ended up ordering another full pint of this after my samples.

Otto’s Oatmeal Stout
Heady and snappy, with a distinctive oatmeal taste. Worthy of any stout drinker.

The bartenders, though not employees of III Dachshunds, still knew a bit about the brewery and were proponents of the beer. They were excited to get the two new kegs on the tap line (Badger Hound Bock and Earth Dog IPA) in the coming days.

All tap handles should be pups.

All tap handles should be pups.

In addition to their house- and craft-beer selections, City Lounge has a full kitchen which churned out delicious-smelling pub food. Out back is a large, covered patio, and I was told they host numerous parties and concerts. When you stop by make sure to ask about the resident ghost, Skinny, and take a drink from the historic stone bubbler. But above all else, III Dachshunds Beer Company provides the best reason to come on down to Cudahy for a brew.
11 3 Dachsunds (19)

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