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Photo from BilobaBrewing.com. All other photos by Joe Powell.


Biloba Brewing Company
18720 Pleasant St
Brookfield, WI 53045
(262) 309-5820
Visit date: 10/04/14

Quick Hits:

1) How many different beers?
10 beers, 1 rootbeer on tap; 18 total beers produced

2) How long open?
Tap room opened April 4, 2014

3) Why? (here, this, etc)
Brewer was president of a malt company, interested in home brewing during retirement. “Wouldn’t sit still.”

4) Distribution?
Beer available on-site. Goal for 600 barrels in first year. Small availability at local restaurants. Bottles coming soon.

5) What sets you apart?
Small-town suburban hangout.

Biloba Brewing Company turned heads opening six months ago in quiet Brookfield. Owner-Jean expected the City to be opposed, but they practically begged for a brewery when she proposed it. It was quite popular when I went on a Saturday afternoon, with the tap room completely full. Our group had a pretzel, though rumor is they allow carry-in food with a foodtruck on Fridays.

It’s a tight space, with tables and a bar in one room and brewing equipment in another. But they serve up plenty of beer; 10 on tap ($4 per) plus a house rootbeer. Naturally I got their sampler ($15 for all 10).

Section 25 (4.5% ABV):
A light Farmhouse Ale, their easy-to-drink intro.

True Love Pale Ale (6.0%):
A dark Pale Ale with hearty hops but low bitterness.

Rye of the Wort (4.75%):
The dark Rye IPA had some clashing spices; not for me.

Mapils (5.5%):
Malty Pilsner with subtle maple undertones.

Kole Porter (6.0%):
Chocolatey Porter, if a tad bitter.

Hefe (6.0%):
One of the best: a cloudy Hefeweizen with creamy banana and clove flavors.

A solid seasonal, malty and flavorful.

Belgian Golden Ale (7.5%):
This Blue-Moonesque beer is tasty, but the hidden ABV will creep up on you.

Dark Side of the Brew (7.5%):
A drinkable Dark Ale.

Touch Down Scottish Ale (6.0%):
“Rich, malty, caramel nose with a subtle smokiness…”

Saison On Oak (6.0%):
Interestingly-sour, dry and smooth like a wine.

Jean (manning bar with apprentice-brewmaster daughter) took a moment to show me the brewing area, explaining how most of their equipment is used (some from a dairy!). They’ve got barrels for aging, as well as experimental firkins. Jean and her husband even grow their own hops!

Biloba Brewing Company is a homey watering hole in a cute and quiet part of Brookfield/Elm Grove. The family running the operation was welcoming, and the beer has a range that will allow anyone to find a right fit.

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  1. I love Biloba – I’ve only had a few of their brews – didn’t know they were offering a sampler. I’ll have to go back soon! The Pretzels by MKE Pretzel Co. are a MUST. Glad you experienced both! Keep up the good work. -MR

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