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Stillmank Brewing Company
215 N Henry St
Green Bay, WI 54302
(920) 785-BEER [2337]
Visit date: 07/16/16

Quick Hits:
1) How many different beers?
8 on tap, about 12 total.

2) How long operational?
Brewing in-house since 2014.

3) Why? (here, this, etc)
Brewer saw brewing potential for smaller towns while in Colorado, he knew it’d work in Green Bay.

4) Distribution?
Green Bay, Wausau, Madison, Milwaukee cans and kegs.

5) What sets you apart?
Every beer has at least 1 local ingredient.

6) How did you get your name?
Brewer’s last name.

Stillmank Brewing Company in Green Bay. All photos by Joe Powell.

Stillmank Brewing Company in Green Bay. All photos by Joe Powell.

Disco is alive and well at Stillmank Brewing Company, though these days it’s generally canned or kegged. Since 2014, the Wisco Disco Amber has been setting the groove for this local-focused microbrewery as the flagship beer in their can-heavy lineup.

Disco never dies, nor does it get skunky.

Disco never dies, nor does it get skunky.

While we indulged in a flight, owner and brewer Brad Stillmank explained the rationale behind canning all of their beers (which is starting to catch on nationwide).

Brad’s time in a small Colorado town turned him on to canned beer’s superior shelf-life and ability to be hauled around with those with an active lifestyle. I’m sure the tailgators and hikers in the Green Bay area also appreciate those properties.

Not pictured: bachelor party shenanigans.

Not pictured: bachelor party shenanigans.

The barn-like tap room opens up into a large industrial brewing space, which housed a rowdy bachelor party throwing back bags and brews during our visit. There’s board games and brain teasers and books to keep you occupied between sips, as well.

67 Stillmank Brewing Company (6) (sd)

Tailgater English Blonde Ale
Dry honey notes; like a cider without the bubbles.

Infusion Barrel Aged Blonde Ale
A very light beer with a distinctive bourbon-forward body.

Homegrown Honey Rye Ale
Refreshingly-rye. I’d want this while on a hay-ride.

Wisco Disco Amber Ale
Reminds me a lot of an English pub ale: classic, filling, warming.

67 Stillmank Brewing Company (7) (sd)

For being a relatively young and small brewery, Stillmank is impressively well-branded and covered in unique artwork: from a mural by a local graffiti artist to Wisconsin-themed imagery on the glasses, cans, and walls.

67 Stillmank Brewing Company (8) (sd)

Brad commented that the focus on local extends beyond the art,

“Anything we can do to support local producers, we do.”

To that end, every single Stillmank beer has at least one ingredient sourced nearby, in many cases more than one. You could take their tall-boy cans of quality beer on a nearby hike to find where that beer’s ingredients were grown. Or just enjoy it at the taproom like us.

67 Stillmank Brewing Company (9) (sd)

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