*This is the ninety-ninth post in an on-going chronicle dubbed the Great Wisconsin Brewery Tour. Follow the journey here.*

Rock County Brewing Company
16 N Parker Dr
Janesville, WI 53545
Visit date: 02/25/17

Quick Hits:
1) How many different beers?
8 on tap, 10 total brewed.

2) How long operational?
Opened January 2017.

3) Why? (here, this, etc)
Owner also owns Farmhouse Brewing Supply nearby.

4) Distribution?
Bottles of special releases, otherwise in-house taps.

5) What sets you apart?
Four co-owners are all collaborative brew masters.

6) How did you get your name?
“A brewery for the county. All-inclusive.”

The excitement over the brand-new Rock County Brewing Company in downtown Janesville was palpable, inside and out. We strolled in minutes after their taproom had opened on a late winter’s afternoon to find a few dozen folks already keeping the bartenders on their toes.

Officially open less than 2 months, RCBC can be forgiven for not having fully decorated the space yet. But when you’ve got a building with beautiful Cream City Brick bones that’s accented with heavy wood seating, perhaps the walls are better left bare.

As the hurried bartenders rushed to and fro dropping off samplers and full pours, they also took the time to greet new groups walking in the door and chat with those seated at the bar. Our flight was served with as much welcoming community feel as it was beer.

Nut Brown Ale
Catches the back of your tongue with maltiness and almost a fruity nuttiness.

Irish Red Ale
Juicy mouthfeel, but a brusque and quick Red Ale punch in the tastebuds.

An interesting one: light-bodied but very strong on the bitterness. Nothing like an IPA; more like a bitter tea.

Hayraker Red IPA
Very flavorful. Heavy notes of juniper, some red apple, some pear, all on a bed of fresh hops.

Dry Stout (Nitro)
Milky-smooth. Coffee start with coco-nub, cream, and bitter finish.

That sort of friendly feeling is what you’d expect around Rock County. Co-owner John admits that RCBC is trying to establish a big-city feel in small-town Janesville with a defining brewery; but, it’s also meant to weave seamlessly into the fabric of rural Wisconsin through the people involved and patrons within.

More and more people streamed in as the sunlight slowly crept across the walls at Rock County Brewing Company, and as the sun’s warmth left, it was replaced ten-fold with the warming feelings of existing community, future potential, and, yes, beer.

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  1. Love this brewery!!! I have tried all of the beers they have had on tap and each is unique and enjoyed each of them. Service was excellent even though they were very busy each time I visited and the bartenders were friendly!

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