Milwaukee’s undisputed king of drinking games is Bar Dice, but I’d argue that 7’s (or 7-14-21) is more fun, more inclusive, and less likely to break the bank.

Tools:          – 5 dice            – available booze

No limit on players, though I’ve found 4-8 people works best. You only need 5 dice, but a leather cup to roll them from adds to the excitement (pound that baby on the table!).

This is a simple counting game.  The table counts together, you don’t keep separate scores. You only count 1’s rolled. For instance, the following would be zero added to the pot:

Sevens 0-add Roll

If you do not roll any 1’s on your roll, you pass the dice to the person to the left. Your turn is over. If you do roll any amount of 1’s, you add that number to the pot and roll again with all dice. The following roll would add two to the pot:

Sevens 2-add Roll

You continue this way until the pot reaches 7. The person who rolls the seventh 1 (regardless of if they rolled more or not) is the Picker. The Picker picks the shot that will ultimately be taken. Pick an expensive shot and you may have to pay for it. Pick a gross shot and you may have to take it. Choose wisely.

Play continues. The person who rolls the fourteenth 1 is the Payer. The Payer continues to roll until their turn is over, then they must immediately buy the shot the Picker chose and bring it back.

Under NO circumstances can the Payer alter the shot selection unless the bartender refuses to make it. If they do, the Payer will now be referred to as the Asshole. Feel free to throw things at them in disgust.

Once you get to the seventeenth 1 you begin taking each 1 out; that is, the seventeenth 1 will be removed so you roll four dice, the eighteenth 1 will be removed so you roll three dice, etc. The person who rolls the last die and gets the final, twenty-first 1 is the Taker.

The Taker proposes a toast and, regardless of what shot it is, must down the hatch.


If a Yahtzee is rolled (all 5 of one number), that roller must immediately go to the bar and purchase for themselves any shot they wish. If a Yahtzee of 1’s is rolled, the roller must immediately go to the bar and purchase a shot of their choice for the entire table.



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