We’ve almost made it through this celebrity death-filled year, and (with the exception of a certainly-oranger but uncertainly-safer future) most of us are hopeful for a better, prime number-ful 2017.

This has been a banner year for The Squeaky Curd: we nearly tripled both our viewers and page clicks, and our readers hail from 74 different countries (shout out to our one friend in Curaçao!). We’ve also shown up on results in 9 different search engines (people still use AskJeeves?).

What’s more, we increased our yearly article output from a measly 92 in 2015 (1.8 per week) to a mighty 151 in 2016 (2.9 per week), all thanks to adding a few new worker bees and losing a few more hours of sleep. We aim to continue to provide more content in 2017, and to keep that content focused on what you fine folks want to read about.

Most-Read Articles from 2016

  1. GWBT #46: Bares Bones Brewery
    • Averaging 1 new Wisconsin brewery per week can be tough, but heading out into the wild cow-filled yonder brings surprises. It seemed like every person in Oshkosh read our write-up on local watering hole Bare Bones Brewery.
  2. The Brewcity Bruisers are Women Warriors
    • With their new season just starting up, I’m still in love with these hard-hitting ladies. Whether you want to participate or just watch, a Brewcity Bruisers bout is one of the most exciting events in town.
  3. GWBT #63: Bloomer Brewing Company
    • Another little town with another big brewing history, Bloomer Brewing Company dates all the way back to 1875. Roughly 13% of the town has read this article, based on population numbers. Can Milwaukee match it?
  4. SoulBoxer Brandy Old Fashioned: Wisconsin in a Bottle
    • Thank goodness Old Fashioneds have made a comeback in the cocktail scene, because they’re perfection in a glass. While any schmo could stumble through the recipe at home with patience and the right ingredients, us non-bartenders are better off sticking to the locally-made SoulBoxer for a quick, easy, and delicious drink.
  5. A Milwaukee Millennial’s First Trip to IKEA
    • Our first article to include a video, our founders took you on a trip down to the Schaumburg IKEA store to prepare ourselves for the local version coming to Oak Creek in 2018. WARNING: meatballs and confused whispering are involved.

Joe’s Top Picks for 2016

  1. Forget the Green Bay Packers, Bring Back the Milwaukee Badgers
    • After a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I wanted to know more about our city’s own NFL team. Fun fact: They also ran the table (in losses)!
  2. Milwaukee County Historical Markers: The VA Hospital
    • Our local VA is not just a top-tier place for our veterans to get their medical care, it’s also a historic landmark.
  3. Summerfest Superlatives
  4. Milwaukee Recycling Guide: A Reusable Love Story
    • We should all try to recycle more, but we found out just what happens to that waste once our blue buckets are emptied.
  5. Milwaukee’s Lead Pipes Lead to Answers
    • With all the hullabaloo surrounding the “lead crisis” in the water in our city, it’s important to understand just how to combat (or prove non-existent) this menace.

We here at The Squeaky Curd are so grateful for the continued support of our readers. What started as a fun little hobby for an engineer to keep the creative side of his brain working has turned into a weekly breakdown of our favorite baseball team, new knowledge of historic sites around town, a raucous bar-hopping social club, and countless other interesting articles.

Thank you for reading and joining us in enjoying all Milwaukee has to offer. Cheers to continued success in 2017!

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