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Greetings and Salutations my most humble Thursdians,

“It is only with a drink in my hand and good people amongst me that I truly feel alive” – Ryan Kempf (Member of Welcome to Thursdays)

Join us Thursday night as we travel to Camp Bar (525 E Menomonee Street). The story of the Milwaukee-area Camp Bars is one that has lived in Wisconsin Folklore for many years, as the heart and soul behind these bars goes all the way back to 1891 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Mr. Eugene Shepard was walking home through the woods one night when suddenly he came across the most foulest of beasts, the great Hodag of Rhinelander.

An indescribable stench came over Eugene: something crossed between Bud Light and Jay Cutler’s feet. Suddenly he saw two glowing, yellow eyes staring at him through the trees. Eugene had never seen anything like this beast before so, naturally, he ran home as fast as he could. He gathered all the willing men in his town and started an expedition to catch the foul beast. The men said goodbye to their wives and children and set out into the woods not knowing what lie ahead: sadly, this expedition would be the last for many men.

Eugene came up with the idea of splitting the expedition into three groups. They would set up camp in three strategically placed points to corner and capture the Hodag. This may sound simple – but this was no ordinary beast. One by one men started disappearing from the camps during the night. Months went by without success. Food became scarce and morale was low; many of the men started talking about traveling home. Eugene knew that something would need to happen soon or the Hodag would never be captured.

In a last ditch effort, he sacrificed one of his most cherished items: his un-opened can of that magical elixir known as Old Milwaukee – no one can resist that great taste and mesmerizing refreshment. The men waited patiently and the Hodag showed itself in the presence of Old Milwaukee. When the time was right, the men ambushed the Hodag and captured the beast.

Camp Bar

Not even the Hodag can resist Old Milwaukee.

The three Camp Bars in Milwaukee are tribute to the men that lost their lives in the three camps in The Great Capture of the Hodag in Rhinelander. Let us raise a glass to them Thursday night. Cheers my friends!

Your Welcome to Thursdays Founder,

Jeremy Blandin

Join us at Camp Bar located at 525 E Menomonee St. (Third Ward Location) Thursday, August 25 at 7:30pm. 

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  1. I don’t think I’ll ever smell Jay Cutler’s feet again. By doing so I will not be able to consume my beloved Bud Light-King of Beers I remind you.

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