Greetings and Salutations my Thursday Night Wanderers,

We took over MKE’s smallest bar last week and made it MKE’s biggest hit; so sticking with those good vibes, we are traveling to South Shore Terrace. Nestled right on the great Lake Michigan, this beer garden is one that has me drooling over a stein of deliciousness.

Photo by Joe Powell for The Squeaky Curd.

South Shore Terrace is home to the South Shore Kitchen which provides some amazing food, with dishes like cheese curds battered in Miller High Life (I love Wisconsin), a selection of assorted sandwiches, and other eats. It is also home to the Miller 1855 Bar and one heck of a beer garden. If you have your own stein bring it on down and get it filled, or you can purchase a County Parks stein glass for 7 bucks. With well over 10 options on tap, the Thursday’s Crew should have no problem getting their fill. For any non-beer drinkers there is wine and hard soda available as well. Beer gardens in general have always been important for Welcome to Thursdays, you see if you truly look deeper you will find that we represent more than meets the eye.

We the faithful who represent Welcome to Thursdays also represent something deeper, something that protects the well-being of all beer gardens in Wisconsin. Started in 2016 by Thursday’s very own Ricky “Bones” Galzerano, the Syndicate of the Stein was created to protect the purpose and true nature of the beer garden. In today’s day and age everybody needs to be in front of a screen or connected to the Interwebz of the world; this bothered Rick, so he came up with a plan to get Milwaukeeans outside and unplugged. You see, his idea was to bring people together to enjoy one unified experience, with the one substance that can cause even the largest of quarrels to come to an end: beer.

When Rick discovered Welcome to Thursdays he sat down with the founders and devised a plan: this plan would utilize the popularity and sheer brilliance of Welcome to Thursdays along with his love of and devotion to beer gardens. This is where the Syndicate of the Stein all started, and to this day we fight the good fight to get people outdoors and drinking the golden elixir that we all love. As we fight we always raise a glass to those who fight with us, and although winter is coming we still fight. As Ricky put it so beautifully:

“If nature is art, beer and people make the colors beautiful, beer gardens are a part of nature that needs to stay; for it is in a glass of beer a thousand dreams can be realized.”

– Ricky “Bones” Galzerano (WTT Member #22)

FYI: South Shore Terrace is a CASH ONLY establishment so plan accordingly

Cheers my friends!

Your Co-founder and Friend,

Jeremy Blandin

*Keeping your glass filled and spirits high one Thursday at a time, this is Welcome to Thursdays: a local social group determined to make your Thursdays more fun. Each Wednesday, The Squeaky Curd features a fictitious story of a Milwaukee County bar that we gather at on Thursday evening. Join us this Thursday, August 3, 2017 at South Shore Terrace located at 2900 South Shore Drive (Bayview) at 7:30pm.*

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