This is a map made to show all of the breweries in Wisconsin. You can follow along on our #GreatWisconsinBreweryTour journey here and by seeing the green-marked breweries below that we’ve already visited.

Breweries: brew their own beer, often with tap rooms or tours on-site. Their beer can be found elsewhere as well.

Brew Pubs: brew their own beer and also prepare their own food in-house. Sometimes (but not always) their beer can be found elsewhere.

Contract Brewing: may not brew their own beer. These are companies that have developed their own recipes but have them brewed by others or do not allow visitors to their brewery.

If you find any errors in the above map, or would like to notify us of one we’ve missed, please leave that information in a comment below. We will delete the comment once we’ve verified the information and made the change.

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin Brewery Map

    1. Ralph, thanks for the input. Parched Eagle is under Brew Pubs. Hydro Street closed a couple of months ago, though there’s talk of them reopening nearby sometime.

  1. Hello Squeaksters, We wanted to inform you that Urban Harvest Brewing Company has left the ranks of “Opening Soon” and opened our doors for business last weekend. Our best seller so far has been our 414 Golden Ale and to celebrate Milwaukee Day 4/14, we will be open tomorrow Thursday 4/14 and will be offering $4 pints of the 414. Our schedule has us brewing tomorrow and finish time on that has been a bit of an unknown. We’ll have the doors open at 5:00, but could be earlier. Stop by and check out Milwaukee’s new Nanobrewery.

    1. Awesome! Glad to hear it, we’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival for quite some time. Good to know about your special for Milwaukee Day; we’ll add it to our own list of to-do’s for our readers which will come out tomorrow. The Great Wisconsin Brewery Tour will surely be stopping by soon, as well.

  2. This map is awesome! There are a few changes you may want to do. Keep up the good work!!

    Fixture Brewing Co is now closed –
    Bent Kettle Brewing Company has opened a taphouse. –
    Inventors Brewpub –
    Lucky’s Brew Pub –
    Nicolet Brewing Company Closed –
    Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company – Milwaukee
    Rock County Brewing just opened –

    Also, all of the Great Dane and Water Street Brewery’s location brew beer on site making them all Brewpubs.

    1. Jason, thank you so much for the response! You’re updates have been added to the map; we hadn’t even heard of Inventors yet! When it comes to multiple locations, we only count the main or original one (for Leinie’s and Great Dane and Water Street). Saves us some time 😉

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