Published 03/10/2017.
Updated 03/09/2017.

A few days of warm February and March weather and all of a sudden it’s like we’ve been transported to SoCal: bikers and runners everywhere, grills fired up, and even the sound of eager beavers diving in the sand for the volleyball.

Beulah Brinton Park's volleyball courts, biding their time. All photos by Joe Powell.

Beulah Brinton Park’s volleyball courts, biding their time. All photos by Joe Powell.

It’s all a great reminder that the spring/summer outdoor volleyball leagues in Milwaukee are right around the corner, and most are already filling up their registrations. Last summer our team, The Rob Jobs, got destroyed in the Thursday night summer league at The Historic White House Tavern, but rebounded to win the fall Tuesday night league.

The Rob Jobs holding our Winner’s Pumpkin at The Historic White House Tavern.

If you’ve got some tall friends who like to get sandy, check out the list of options in the Milwaukee-area below, all of which have Coed 6-person leagues. And make sure to comment with any that I may have missed.

Bradford Beach

  • Price:    $375
  • Days:    Su / M / Tu / W / Th
  • Extra:   Coed/Women’s/Men’s 2’s leagues

Center Court Sports Complex

  • Price:    $300
  • Days:    W / Th
  • Extra:   Indoor leagues

Cities and Sports Milwaukee @ Grant Park

  • Price:    $300
  • Days:    Su / Tu / Th
  • Extra:   Easy to sign up as an individual to get added to a team ($50)

Coach’s Pub’n’Grill

  • Price:    Not Posted Yet
  • Days:    Not Posted Yet
  • Extra:   Referees provided

Fat Daddy’s

  • Price:    $325
  • Days:    Su / M / Tu / W / F
  • Extra:   Downtown in a bar-heavy area; Men’s 4’s league

Historic White House Tavern

  • Price:    $250
  • Days:    M / Tu / W / Th
  • Extra:   For $350, you can register your team plus get a $150 bar-tab for the season; Refs; you can get beat by yours truly

Leff’s Lucky Town @ Hart Park

  • Price:    $200 + $25/person
  • Days:    Su / M / Tu / W / Th
  • Extra:   Games at 6 or 7 only, so you can get home early

JB’s On 41

  • Price:    $225
  • Days:    Su / Tu / W / Th
  • Extra:   Free pizza for 3-0 sweeps

Milwaukee Gay Volleyball Association @ Beuleah Brinton Park

  • Price:    Not Posted Yet
  • Days:    Not Posted Yet
  • Extra:   MGVA hosts annual Pride Tournament each June at PrideFest Milwaukee

Milwaukee Recreation @ Beuleah Brinton Park

  • Price:    $182 (non-city sponsor needed) / $132 (sponsor within City of Milwaukee) + $15/player
  • Days:    Th
  • Extra:   Women’s 6’s league

New Berlin Ale House

  • Price:    $275
  • Days:    Su / M / Tu / W / Th / F
  • Extra:   Women’s and Men’s 4’s leagues

Root River Center / Swagger’s Bar & Grill

  • Price:    $250
  • Days:    Su / M / Tu / W / Th / F
  • Extra:   Outdoor patio bar with TV

The Tracks Tavern & Grill

  • Price:    $300
  • Days:    Su / M / Tu / W / Th / F
  • Extra:   Gluten-free

Joe’s K Ranch

  • Price:    $150
  • Days:    Su / M / Tu / W / Th / F
  • Extra:   Free pitcher for 3-0 sweeps

Sunset Bowl

  • Price:    $275
  • Days:    Tu / W / Th / F
  • Extra:   Bowling and pool inside

See you on the court!

7 thoughts on “Milwaukee-Area Summer Volleyball Leagues

  1. Thank you for the shout-out, Squeaky Curd! Milwaukee Gay Volleyball’s (MGVA) summer league takes place on Sunday afternoons/evenings. We’ll begin Sunday, June 26. All are welcome! We’ll also have open play on Wednesday evenings at Beulah Brinton. Just show up to play!

  2. While it’s not in Milwaukee (though neither is the new berlin ale house) center court in waukesha has a similar setup to the ale house. Someone needs to snatch up that goat property and get things going again!

    1. Thanks for the input. We knew they did indoor, but it looks like they have outdoor sand courts too. We’ll be following up with them to get all the info.

  3. The Historic white house is social co-ed league, paid referee, with league and pitcher race specials and prizes. Thanks for this list!

  4. Fat Daddy’s also has referees. It’s a $25 discount if league fees are paid before 3/28. Friday leagues are discounted to $150. Another category to compare apples to apples would be the length of the leagues as those leagues are long (more games for your buck) at 15 weeks

    1. Mike, great point about the length of the season. Most league websites don’t list this information, but we agree that it can make a big difference. We’ll add this as we receive the info. Thanks.

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